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⭐ What is the Bet of the Day?

Bet of the Day is our best betting choice for a given day. It’s picked methodically out of all matches that the current football fixture list has to offer. It is a carefully crafted betting tip that brings high value to the table.

We don’t actually think that too many punters will be confused by the term. However, allow to officially announce and describe the latest addition to our offering – Bet of the Day. The term might be self-explanatory but we feel like our faithful readers are entitled to an in-depth look into how we envisioned this particular concept.

Do note, however, that our Bet of the Day is specifically designed to help you make most of your online betting experience.

Our team of experts does all the necessary work in order to bring you the hottest and fresh football predictions. With our help, you are bound to learn all the insight that goes into wagering on a daily base. Our bet of the day will always be presented as a single pick, but you can choose to play it however you desire.

If you are looking for bigger odds, you can always combine the Bet of the Day with predictions and tips from one of our other betting sections. As with all of our football tips and predictions, our Bet of the Day is completely free of charge. There is no subscription fee required in order to view the day’s selection.

All that you need to do is visit our Bet of the Day page and see if the chosen tips meet your requirements and expectations.

⚽ How do we pick the Bet of the Day?

Our betting tips are thoroughly researched before being announced and published. The process consists of picking only the events of the highest betting value and going through all the available information in order to publish the most reliable and secure options.

Each and every significant factor is thoroughly checked in order to find only the best-value bets. We analyze the statistical sheets and the form of each team, individual player performance, H2H records and team news.

All of that, combined with the insights provided by our local insiders, has given us the edge in the past and our daily bets are no different.

🏆 How sure is the Bet of the Day?

The fact that we wager on the same bets ourselves should speak volumes of the level of trust and belief we have in our hand-picked Bet of the Day selections.

Like anyone else, we value our hard-earned money. With that in mind, our team of experts strives to provide the most reliable and secure tips and football predictions that bring the most value.

This does not mean that our tips are bulletproof, but they are close to it. A lot of factors can influence the outcome of a contest, and it is almost impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate. During the research, our analysts oftentimes find an edge or some important info about the teams that the bookmakers may have overlooked.

Finding odds and options like these, where the margins favour the players, is something that our team is unmatched.

Where can I place the Bet of the Day?

In order to get the most bang for the buck, we’ve chosen only the most reputable online bookmakers that offer the best odds for our given tips. At first, it may seem that the differences between bookmakers are small and insignificant, but as every experienced punter already knows, they can make an enormous difference in the long run.

Finding the best value is great, and doing so with a bookmaker that is transparent about their business and practices is even better. With our picks, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice, as they are a mix of both security and value.

In order to provide our readers with the full package, we went out of our ways and provided a list of the best bookmakers. Additionally, we’ve prepared exclusive bonus deals and codes if you don’t already have an account with them.

The list includes the likes of industry behemoths such as bet365, Unibet and Betway Kenya. We made sure that our Bet of the Day is available at any of these most reputable online bookmakers.

Which one you decide to go with is completely up to you.

When is the Bet of the Day updated?

Our daily bets are updated as soon as they are prepared and double checked. We understand that time can be a significant factor in this line of work. We strive to be the first one to deliver daily bets and tips to our readers.

For that reason, our bets are released daily at 12:00 AM.

Where can I find more betting tips and football predictions?

If you liked the work we’ve done with our Bet of the Day section, wait till you get a hold of our weekly predictions. They are prepared with the same principles in mind as our daily bets and are bound to help with your decision-making and overall wagering skills.

Our team of experts has a lot of squad depth, which enables us to put in the maximum amount of work and effort into each and every tip that they make. We make no exceptions and realize how valuable it is to have thoroughly researched and reliable betting tips and predictions.

For more relevant predictions and tips, you can easily navigate through our menu and click the league where you want predictions from like the Premier League, Champions League or Championship!

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