Double Stake Strategy
Double Stake

Double Stake Strategy

The double stake sports betting strategy is very simple. It’s quite similar to the classic double up roulette strategy. Key requirements in this strategy is a 1/1 odd. If you lose your bet you will have to double the stake you played with.

If you are able to hold this strategy on the long run you will win your bet. Remember to check out our football predictions before applying this strategy.

How does the double stake strategy work?

1. FC Barcelona will play against Elche in the Estadio Manuel Valero. FC Barcelona to win odd is 1/1. You place your £100,- bet on FC Barcelona.

– Elche CF 1 – 0 FC Barcelona

2. Unfortunately you lost your bet. This is were the double stake strategy comes in. You found another 1/1 odd game: Atalanta Bergamo – Juventus in the Italian Serie A. You place a £200,- bet on Juventus to win.

– Atalanta Bergamo 2 – 0 Juventus

3. Bad luck. Again the top favorite lost against a small footballclub. Time to double the stakes again. Thank god it’s weekend: the Blues will play the Villans in Birmingham. 1/1 if Chelsea wins. Again you double your stake. £400,- on Chelsea!

– Aston Villa 1 – 4 Chelsea

You won your bet! You doubled your £400,- stake into £800,-. Before your latest bet you lost £300,- unfortunately. Minus your latest £400,- stake you still made a £100,- profit!

We often see players play this strategy with high stakes. Its a strategy where you should be aware that it could take a while in order to win. The higher the stakes you play with the higher your profit!

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