The High – Low Slip

The High- Low Slip strategy is for experienced players that are willing to take a risk when placing a bet. Key in the strategy is that you cover your high risk slip with your low risk slip.

Both slips have their own goal:

• High Risk slip: The goal of the high risk slip is to make a profit. One of the important attributes of the high risk slip is that the slip contains a maximum of 3 to 4 games. If you picked the right teams. The total bet slip should at least multiply by factor 3.0.

• Low Risk slip: Goal of the Low Risk slip is to back up your High Risk slip. Key in this bet slip is to place a bet on teams that are high placed in the table and very likely to win. Teams that fit in this description are: Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea & Paris Saint Germain. We recommend to pick 4 games as a maximum

Example High Risk Slip:
Burnley – Arsenal 4/7
Hamburg SV – Wolfsburg 4/5
Malaga – Atletico Madrid 1/1

Stake: £100,- potential payout: £465,-

Example Low Risk Slip:
Espanyol – Barcelona 1/4
Celta de Vigo – Real Madrid 4/7
Bayern Munich 1/6 – Hertha Berlin

Stake: £45,- potential pay out: £103,-

This betting strategy is highly recommended for experienced players with lots of sports book knowledge that are willing to take a risk. When using the high- low risk bet slip strategy we advise to adjust the picks to your goals and needs.

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