Betting Guide: Where can I place my bets?
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Betting Guide: Where can I place my bets?

Online bookmakers have been popping up like mushrooms in the 21st century, and while it is quite easy to register an account with quite a few of those firms, it is important to note that just like in any other industry.

There are some companies that treat their customers with the respect they deserve and others that are only after a quick cash by any means necessary.

Online versus Land based

While you can also place bets on the high street in brick and mortar betting shops, the convenience of placing your wagers online, from the comfort of your home, or on the move via tablet or smartphone, should not be underestimated.

We definitely recommend downloading a bookmaker mobile application after you register an account, so that you can also place wagers while commuting to work or enjoying a day outdoors.

We have already pointed out in the How to Get Started guide that it pays off to open multiple bookmaker accounts, so make sure you choose several reputable bookies and register an account with them to ensure you always get the best value for money.

Once you complete the registration process, log in and make your first deposit, the main sporting events available for betting are usually located on the home page, while others can be found by clicking on the sport and then competition section.

Keep it easy

Placing bets online is as easy as 1, 2, 3, seeing that you only need to click on the odds next to the outcome you believe is likely to happen and the bet will be immediately added to your bet slip.

You can add as many bets as you wish to your betting slip and then decide whether to place single bets, accumulator or one of the special wagers.

The process is virtually the same if you are using the mobile application or simply accessing the mobile optimized bookmaker website, while some bookmakers even allow their customers to place wagers via telephone, especially if the amounts are high.

To sum it up, you have a choice from hundreds of sports betting operators when you decide to bet online, with most also featuring mobile platforms, but you should take time to decide whether a bookmaker is worthy of your time and money and whether you are likely to experience any problems when attempting to withdraw potential winnings.

To make it more easy we have handpicked the following bookmakers, remember that every bookmaker has a different interface, level of customer support and various different features, remember that you are never restricted to place your bets on only 1 bookmaker, feel free to try them out:

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