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When do we release our Bundesliga Predictions?

The Germans products are known for being reliable and our betting tips are no different. They are usually released on Monday at 13:00 London Time and Midweek day after last games is played, around 13:00 London Time.

Our aim of providing you with the beast, quality Bundesliga predictions has stayed the same throughout the years. In the vast sea of betting opportunities, the top tier of German football is not something to miss on. With our guidance, great results are to be expected.

Bundesliga Predictions by FootballPredictions.com

The Bundesliga is a professional football league from Germany which was founded in 1963. Since then, it has become one of the most enjoyable and dynamic competitions to watch.

It prides itself on its financial structure and security. Bundesliga clubs rarely overspend and as a result, have no debts. That has proven to be something the fans respect and are proud of. Never too shy to show off the support for their local clubs, German supporters are a vital segment of Bundesliga image and credibility. The Bundesliga has the highest average attendance at around 43,000 viewers per match. Every year, it manages to produce new talent rather than just splashing the cash and is the backbone of the German national team.

Bundesliga the top of German Football

Bundesliga consists of 18 teams from various parts of the country which compete against each other twice a year, once as hosts and once as the visitors. At the end of the season, 2 teams with the lowest rankings get relegated to Bundesliga 2, with that number possibly growing by 1. The winner and the runner-up of the second division have an automatically secured spot in the top division whereas the third goes through a distinctive method of determining its own fate.

The team who finishes 16th in the Bundesliga and 3rd in Bundesliga 2 meet in the relegation play-off. The first leg is played at the home of the Bundesliga side and the second leg is played at the home of the Bundesliga 2 side. The winner of the tie plays in the following season's Bundesliga.

The top-four teams are guaranteed a spot in the Champions League group stage, the fifth in the Europa League, and the team from the sixth slot needs to battle its way through the qualification rounds in order to reach this international competition.

Bundesliga Tips, Predictions and Betting advice

The Bundesliga is recognised as the most enjoyable and exciting league in Europe. Their clubs have always been similar in strength and talent, apart from their power-house Bayern Munich. In Bundesliga, almost anyone can triumph in such a way that provides the fans with pure satisfaction, due to their attack-oriented style of football.

Their distinctive way of understanding the game has brought us amazing opportunities, and each season, our football predictions have yielded great results. Betting on a large number of goals and the prospect that both sides are to score is the way to go. Once the international competitions start, and the congestion is at the season high, surprises are to be expected. Our team of experts will provide you with all the needed betting tips when the time is right.

The hidden gem in Bundesliga betting

Surprises are common occurrence in Bundesliga and newly promoted clubs would often take a prominent role in challenging the mainstay sides – especially at the beginning of the season. What's interesting, they tend to continue in the same manner until the competition ends. A prime example of that would be RB Leipzig’s run in the season of 2016/17 when they finished as runner ups despite them being newcomers in the league.

Our Team of Bundesliga Experts

Our team of Bundesliga experts is made of professional sports writers with a long experience behind them. Their Bundesliga tips are precise and reliable, and thanks to them being based on statistical data and first-hand information, they never disappoint.

The team’s substantial knowledge of the betting industry is only matched by their passion for finding the best possible odds to wager on. We believe in following the same football tips as we produce, and we’ll be a trusty sidekick on your betting journey.

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