79th Minute Strategy
79th Minute

79th Minute Strategy

The 79 minutes strategy is a strategy in football betting, which in general is not really known. With this strategy, you can easily make a nice profit. Provided you are doing the right actions and continue to think logically while applying this 79th minute strategy.

The interesting thing about this strategy it’s that its build upon a simple fact that football matches often never see 2 goals happening after the 79th minute.

How do I know on which football matches this strategy works best?

The best way to choose on which match you should put your money on is to check the history of the 2 teams. Look for numbers on how many goals they score and concede. If the average numbers are low it’s definitely a bet you should place.

Strategy Example

For this strategy to work we need to sign-up with a bookmaker who offers live betting, also known as in-play betting. One of the best bookmakers at the moment offering in-play betting and accurate historical statistics is Bet365. So make sure you sign-up with that bookmaker.

Let’s pick a game and apply our strategy, look for games that are already playing for around 70 to 75 minutes.

We’ve got VFB Oldenburg winning with 3 goals at the moment. Considering the fact they are playing with relative ease and there are no red cards giving this should be a perfect pick for our strategy.

Let’s place the bet on under 4.5 goals. Right now we are getting 1/5 on that bet. Sounds like a very good value.

The game has finished and no goals have been made in the last remaining minutes of the match. Depending on how much you staked you’ve made a nice profit. Remember to check our football predictions first before making use of this strategy.

You should be able to get historical data for every game, use that to your advantage and you should keep on getting profit after profit. This strategy can also be used in combination with the double stake.

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