Betting Guide: Live Betting
Live Betting

Betting Guide: Live Betting

We have already outlined the advantages of live betting and now it’s time to provide our readers an insight into the best in-play betting strategies, designed to seriously improve your winning chances and at the same time lower the bookmaker margin.

Most live betting strategies are meant to secure profit regardless of the final result, meaning you will be trading prices and it is crucial to make your bets in just the right time.

Betting on 0:0 draw

Before the match starts, you should find the highest odds offered on 0:0 correct result or under 0.5 goals in the game and place your bet on said outcome. Then, once the game starts, the odds on over 0.5 goals in a match will keep increasing as the game progresses, and provided there are no goals in the opening 15 minutes, you should be able to place a bet on over 0.5 goals and thus secure a profit whatever happens.

Obviously, if a goal is scored in the opening exchanges, you pre-match wager will lose, so it is essential to only apply this strategy on matches that are unlikely to produce goals in the first 15 minutes. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a game where both managers will adopt a cautious approach from the start.

First half vs second half

It is a well-known fact that second halves produce quite a few more goals than the first periods of games and you need to take advantage of the trend. Clearly, you should find games where the trend is likely to continue and then ensure to bet either on half-time draw or no goals in the first half. If no goals are scored in the opening exchanges, you will get a chance to “lay” those bets, i.e. bet against those outcomes and ensure you secure a profit either way.

When it comes to second period wagers, you should wait some time for the second period to unfold and then bet on goals being scored, since most goals are scored in the final 15 minutes of games.

Learn to anticipate game events

Let’s suppose that team A have been made hot favourites to win a match and you were thinking of backing them to emerge victorious. However, once the game starts, you see that they are in a bad shape and that the underdogs are much more dangerous on the break.

If that happens, you should definitely back the underdogs either to score at least one goal or to avoid defeat at high odds and you will have seriously improved your chances of winning. It is all about finding a value in bookmaker prices, rather than placing bets only because the odds are attractive.

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