Spot In-Play Strategy
Spot In-Play

Spot In-Play Strategy

Currently a lot of sportsbetting bookmakers offer In-Play bets more than ever. While literally watching the football game at home it’s possible to place bets on different kind of match occasions.

The Spot In-Play strategy is often used by more experienced betters that have more than average knowledge about football.

Value spotting

One of the most interesting things about In-Play betting is the dynamically change of odds during a game. Odds change by the minute and can create a lot of value. The value spotting comes in place  when the underdog is leading the game.

For example Manchester United is playing against Crystal Palace on Old Trafford. Odds before the game starts for Manchester United to win is 4/11. After 15 minutes Crystal Palace manages to take the lead scoring the 0-1.

Odds for Manchester United to still win the game change to 8/5. There is still 80 minutes to go and it’s clear Manchester United will still win the game. After Manchester United scored the equalizer the odds change back to 4/11.

As you can see the In-Play odds can change by every occasion. If you are able to spot the value on time it’s very interesting to place a bet on the team you will think is going to win.

All or nothing

Using the all or nothing principle can be very useful during domestic cup matches, the Champions League knock out stage or the Europa League knock out stage.

For example a game between 2 teams that both need to win the game in order to qualify for the next round in the cup are in the 80th minute and is still in 0-0 draw. While watching the game you see both teams are playing extremely offensive with a lot of pressing.

Because it’s the 80th minute the bookmaker offers a 3/1 on any team to win. Since you are watching the game a small stake can get you a nice profit.

Lots of variations

Next to predicting the right winner many bookmakers offer different kind of In-Play betting possibilities such as the correct outcome, the next team to receive a yellow card, the next team to get a corner, the next goalscorer and many more.

In order to become succesful in In-Play betting it’s important to know inside information about the teams you are placing a bet on. Betting on In-Play games can be very profitable and is highly recommended by Team Football Predictions.

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