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Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre will host the 2018 French Super Cup. As expected, les Parisiens won the Ligue 1 title last term, with the team clinching the Coupe de France trophy as well. Key player Neymar was rested at the 2018 International Champions Cup, but the Brazilian attacker is likely to start against Monaco in Trophee des Champions. Les Rouges et Blancs, on the... Read More...

This match will be played on 04/08/2018 at 09:00 AM

When Do We Release the Ligue 1 Predictions?

We always aim to release our Ligue 1 predictions as fast as possible. In general we release our Ligue 1 tips on Monday at 15:00 London time and during midweek games the day after the last game is played at 15:00 London time. The mission that we stand by is to provide the most accurate and reliable Ligue 1 predictions when the games have been analysed and double-checked in order to help our readers achieve the best results. If you are looking for tips of today we can recommend you our today's football predictions page.

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Ligue 1 is the top level French professional football league. Ever since it was founded in 1932, it has amazed the viewers around the globe while nurturing some of the biggest talents this sport has seen. The league consists of 20 teams playing a total of 38 outings from August to May. Clubs play two matches against each of the other teams in the league – once home and a reverse game away.

Every year, the bottom two teams are relegated and replaced with teams from Ligue 2. The third worst placed team has a chance to battle against relegation in a two-legged tie with the third-placed team from League 2. It is considered to be one of the most prominent leagues in the world and is currently ranked fifth in Europe.

Waiting for European success

French clubs haven’t had much success on the international scene and as a result, the league only has two guaranteed slots for the Champions League. The third team in the competition has to battle through qualification rounds whereas the fourth has a secured spot for the UEFA Europa League. The last time a French club managed to enjoy European glory was in 1993 when Marseille defeated Milan by the score of 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League final.

Ligue 1 tips, Predictions and Advice

Despite it being secondary to other European leagues results-wise, French Ligue 1 still represents one of the most profitable competitions to bet on. Since the season is so long, and the team’s forms are ever-changing, it can provide amazing options for bettors as it has higher odds and better margins.

One big talent factory

Ligue 1 is known for producing great talent. Unfortunately for French football, they tend to not stick around for too long and Ligue 1 has long been recognised as a productive farming ground for youngsters that go on to become some of the most prominent footballers in the world.

The best players are often sold to clubs from the bigger leagues, and today the only exception of that practice appears to be PSG. The Paris based club, backed by Qatar owners, has arguably made the league less interesting to watch as the trophy holder seems to be decided before the first game is even played. However, there is still betting value to be found in betting on Ligue 1.

Home teams in advantage

Betting on the favourites to win in front of the home fans with a few goals margin has shown to be a lucrative opportunity. Ligue 1 football tips have given great results in recent years, despite it being undeservedly looked at the inferior competition to the most prominent European leagues.

Out Team of Ligue 1 Experts

Our Ligue 1 predictions are created by an experience group of football writers, columnists, and betting tipsters. They combine knowledge gathered throughout the years with fresh and reliable information from our local French insiders in order to deliver the optimal football predictions. In a league like this, knowing all the ins and outs about the teams, their forms, and condition of key players can be a huge factor the draws the line between a decent and prolific punter.

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