Double Deposit Strategy

Often Bookmakers offer special welcome or deposit bonuses. These bonuses mean free money. It’s all yours! This strategy is very simple to do. First of all pick a bookmaker on which you would like to make use of your bonus. Bet365, William Hill, Unibet & Bwin often offer to double up your deposit. When making use of this strategy the only requirement is that your bookmaker will double your deposit. Make sure to check out the free bets page before using this strategy, we also recommend you check out the football predictions first.

How does the double deposit strategy work?

Deposit £100,- on your account on the chosen bookmaker. The bookmaker will double the £100,-. Now you have £200,- on your betting account. Ready to play!

1. Look for a interesting game with 2 teams with with almost equal odds.

2. Bet on 2 singles. One bet you place on Home+draw/Away+draw/One of the teams wins and the other one on Away/Home/Draw.

3. Cash out the money.


Everton – Southampton are playing against eachother on Goodison Park. The bookie calculated the following odds:

– Everton 33/20
– Southampton 9/5
– Draw: 9/4
– Everton or Draw: 23/50
– Southampton or Draw:1/2
– Everton or Southampton: 9/25

Place £100,- on each of the most profitable combinated predictions. In this case it’s:

– £100,- on Draw
– £100,- Everton or Southampton

1. If the game ends in a draw you will win £225,- minus your own £100,- stake is a £125,- profit!

2. If the game ends in a win for Everton or Southampton you will win £136,- minus your own £100,- stake is a £36,- profit!

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